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  1. enthess

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    I am reading up about php-unit testing and the writer of "Modern PHP" suggests installing php-xdebug, since i am using lsphp70 all the time, how can i work with php-xdebug then?

    Is it easy for you to add lsphp70-xdebug to repo ?

  2. lsfoo

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    Hi enthess,

    We do not have an xdebug package for any lsphp versions. That said, I've read that there are issues with installing xdebug via package managers, so if you're willing to try, you could try installing xdebug from source.

    The few things to note when using lsphp vs regular php:
    1. Check your site's phpinfo for the ini location. This may be a non-standard location.
    2. The phpize and php commands will have to use /usr/local/lsws/lsphp7/bin/phpize, etc. instead of just 'phpize'.
    Referring to the compiling and the configuration steps here.
  3. enthess

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    Hi awesome lsfoo!

    Alright, i will check this up! :)

    Thanks for the good help!

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