Openlitespeed in docker container ?

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    Chowning won't help. All the data will be lost unless you commit after shutdown. Docker also prevent's writing directly to the host system via apps. I personally encountered it while trying to update Wordpress plugins and it asked me my ftp logins.

    There's a workaround. I'm running my Litespeed with following command:
    docker run --name php7-lite --link db:mysql -v /home/wp/:/usr/local/lsws/ -p 7080:7080 -i -t hakabe/php7:v3 /bin/bash
    In this scenario, all the data in /usr/local/lsws are written in the host at /home/wp.

    To get hang of the command line, read this: (I'm running all of these on a dedicated server. Instead of mysql, I chose Percona)

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