Page not found 404 issue (v 1.4.25)

Discussion in 'General OpenLiteSpeed Discussion' started by ckissi, Mar 27, 2017.

  1. ckissi

    ckissi Member

    When I have webadmin opened and session expires (or not... it takes only about 5 minutes) and I click any link I get 404 page instead of redirect to login page (version 1.4.25).
  2. lsfoo

    lsfoo Administrator

    Thanks for the report! We'll hopefully get a fix for this in the next version.
  3. ckissi

    ckissi Member

    Thank you, I'm waiting for that. OLS is the only alternative to Nginx that can compete in speed and features.
  4. litespeed.lauren

    litespeed.lauren Administrator

    Which screen are you in? I cannot reproduce it. I tried on my local and set my session timeout to 60 secs in admin general settings. Then if you don't do anything, it will redirect to login page. If I click somewhere else before the redirect, it also goes to login page with url
  5. ckissi

    ckissi Member

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